Emerson 475 and 375 Replacement Communicators from ProComSol


At ProComSol, we have become a leading designer and manufacturer of HART communication products for the process control market, and our team strives to deliver reliable, precise, and cost-effective solutions for process control instrumentation. The products we provide are used in essential business operations to help our clients connect, configure, and document their work.


We manufacture a variety of HART communication devices to meet the needs of many diverse industries. In fact, our HART communicators are often used as Emerson 475 or Emerson 375 replacement communicators, as those units are no longer available. To find out how you can replace your Emerson device with a ProComSol field communicator, continue reading.


ProComSol Products Can Serve as Emerson 475 and Emerson 375 Replacement Communicators


As the Emerson 475 Field Communicator is no longer available for sale, you may be looking for an advanced communication solution with affordable pricing. At ProComSol, we produce the highest-quality HART communication products on the market. Our range of HART communicators can conveniently serve as Emerson 475 replacement communicator products.


Similar to the Emerson 375/475, our HART communicators are designed to use the Device Descriptor (DD) for the connected HART device. This allows access to all of the HART device parameters including the device Methods for trimming and calibrating. The DD Library is comprehensive and easy to update and maintain. Additionally, with our Smart Communicator software and a HART modem, you are able to convert your tablet, PC, or smartphone into a full-featured HART communicator for only a fraction of the cost of a handheld.


Some of our products that can be used as an Emerson 475 replacement communicator include:



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If you are looking for an Emerson device substitute, our ProComSol HART communicators serve as the optimal solution for your needs. For more information on how our products are used as Emerson 475 replacement communicators, contact our team today.