Newsletter, December 2020

HART communication products

ProComSol, Ltd is a leader in the design and manufacturing of advanced, cost-effective, and reliable HART communication products for the Process Control marketplace. We are dedicated to providing the most affordable and innovative HART products in the market, helping our customers to connect, configure, and document their essential operations.

HART communication products
With our DevCom Smart Device Communicator Software and a HART modem, you can use your PC, tablet, or smartphone as a HART communicator. 

Our DevCom Smart Device Communicator is a full-featured HART Communicator that offers many advantages over hand held communicators: ease of updating, ease of use, multi-function capability, ability to document and manage device configurations, and most importantly – significant cost savings; a fraction (-75%) of the cost of the old dinosaur communicators on the market.

DevCom mobile Apps are available for Windows, Android and iOS. They are feature rich, stable, and reliable.  Learn more from our white paper.
HART communication products
ProComSol is excited to announced the release of its new 4 Channel HART multiplexer with HART-IP.  This device allows the user to perform HART communications using the plant’s Ethernet network infrastructure.  

The Mux connect to the HART instruments anywhere in the control loop.  These loop connections are easily made in the marshaling cabinet so wiring effort is minimal; a plug and play product.  When the Mux is connected to the plant Ethernet network, the HART data becomes accessible wherever the network is available.
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HART communication products
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HART communication products
HART Device Data on the Cloud ?

ProComSol announced the addition of Cloud functions for the management of HART device configuration data.  These Cloud functions are available now in the DevCom App for Android, iOS (Apple) and Windows.  The Cloud functions allow the user to save device configurations to a private Cloud account on the ProComSol servers.  This provides data back-up, security, and the ability to share the configuration data plant-wide!

A DevCom App user acting as an administrator simply sets up Groups and users as Members in the Groups.  When the group member saves a device configuration using DevCom App, the data is automatically sent to the Cloud for storage.  Once in the cloud, other members of the Group can view the saved configuration data from their DevCom App.  This is helpful for many use cases including HART device replacement, audits, and device documentation.  Easy-peasy.

Bottom line - An excellent way to search for, catalog and download device data for your plant's team.

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HART communication products
Make sure you have the up-to-date version of your DevCom software for optimal performance.  Here are the latest versions.  Questions?
DevCom.iOS now at Rev DevComDroid now at Rev DevCom2000 now at Rev 6.9 DD Library now at Rev 2020-03
HART communication products
HART communication products