DevCom HART Demo

Boiler Wide Minigrabbers Bluetooth Laptop Wide Laptop CU

Convert your PC or PDA into a HART Communicator We have made it even easier to try DevCom for free, no modem required! Simply perform the following:


  1. Send an email to requesting the demo link.
  2. We will send you a reply with instructions for downloading DevCom2000 or DevComDroid.
  3. Install and launch DevCom.
  4. In DevCom2000, enable HART-IP in the Options->Basic settings page.  In DevComDroid or DevCom.iOS, set the Modem Type to TCP/IP.
  5. Enter the IP address for our in-house HART-IP Gateway. It is located at or you can enter via the Advanced Settings button in DevCom2000.
  6. Browse the network and select which device you would like to view or configure.
  7. You will be connected to a real device on a real HART network. See for yourself how easy DevCom is to use!

DevCom.iOS also support HART-IP.

The free trial period is for 10 days.




View a ProComSol Overview video or a DevCom2000 Demo video


Interactive e-book with screen shots and tutorial