MOBI-COM-PWR-FF: FF mobiLink Comm Power Bundle

The MOBI-COM-PWR-FF combines everything you need for a Windows based Foundation Fieldbus (FF) communicator into one part number to make ordering even easier. The MOBI-COM-PWR-FF includes our DevComFF software, our MOBI-PWR-FF modem, and includes a one-year warranty.

$3,400.00 (USD)

User Manual

Everything You Need for a Windows-Based FF Communicator

The MOBI-COM-PWR-FF is a bundle part number.  It includes our Windows-based FF communicator software and the FF Modem with an integrated power supply.

Speciall Bundle Pricing! 

This MOBI-COM-PWR-FF Windows-based FF communicator set includes:


* Please note: Computer and power conditioner is not included

DevComFF Smart Device Communicator Software

The DevComFF smart device communication software allows you to complete FF device configurations on your laptop PC. This includes giving you full access to all features of the device in the registered DD files from the FieldCommGroup, including Methods.

This software’s features also include:

MOBI-FF Modem with integrated Power Supply

Features of the Built-in Power Supply FF and HART Modem

Along with all the benefits listed above for our MOBI-PWR-FF mobiLink HART and FF modem, businesses will appreciate the wide variety of advantages that the features of this product provide. Increase efficiency with these great features for the MOBI-PWR-FF modem for FF and HART:

Learn More About Our MOBI-COM-PWR-FF Windows-Based FF Communicator

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