Press Releases


2022.12.02   ProComSol Ethernet-APL HART Converter

2022.07.26   ProComSol Foundation Fieldbus (FF) Smart Communicator for Android

2021.08.31   ProComSol Instrumentation Scholarship Winner Announced

2021.06.21   ProComSol Releases Foundation Fieldbus Smart Communicator

2020.06.22   ProComSol Releases HART Multiplexer with HART-IP

2020.04.07   ProComSol Adds Cloud Functions to DevCom App

2019.08.19   ProComSol Instrumentation Scholarship Program

2017.10.04   ProComSol Partners with Smart Embedded Systems (SES) for HART Instruments

2017.09.11   ProComSol Smart Communicator App for iOS

2017.07.24   ProComSol Releases HM-USB-PWR, HART Modem with Power Supply

2016.07.20   ProComSol COM-TABLET - HART Communicators for Hazardous Areas

2014.10.16   ProComSol Smart Communicator App for Android

2014.05.05   ProComSol Adds HART-IP to DevCom2000 Software

2013.05.16   ProComSol Distributing PowerXpress, HART Power Supply

2012.06.15   ProComSol Releases COM-TABLET

2011.10.28   ProComSol Adds Trending to DevCom2000 Software

2011.08.16   ProComSol Releases DevCom2000 Mobile Software

2010.08.12   ProComSol Launches New Video Channel

2010.07.14   ProComSol Supplying 7 PC Based HART® Communicators to Northern Natural Gas Company

2010.07.01   ProComSol Adds HART® Registration and CE Certification for HART Modem

2010.04.05   ProComSol Adds Support for HART® 7 and WirelessHART® Devices

2009.10.26   ProComSol Adds Support for HART® Field Device Cloning

2009.05.01   ProComSol Releases Extended Range Bluetooth HART® Modem

2008.07.17   ProComSol Releases Low Cost DD Based Hand Held HART® Communicator

2008.02.12   ProComSol Registers HART® USB Modem