Press Releases


2017.07.24   ProComSol Releases HM-USB-PWR, HART Modem with Power Supply

2016.07.20   ProComSol COM-TABLET - HART Communicators for Hazardous Areas

2014.10.16   ProComSol Smart Communicator App for Android

2014.05.05   ProComSol Adds HART-IP to DevCom2000 Software

2013.05.16   ProComSol Distributing PowerXpress, HART Power Supply

2012.06.15   ProComSol Releases COM-TABLET

2011.10.28   ProComSol Adds Trending to DevCom2000 Software

2011.08.16   ProComSol Releases DevCom2000 Mobile Software

2010.08.12   ProComSol Launches New Video Channel

2010.07.14   ProComSol Supplying 7 PC Based HART® Communicators to Northern Natural Gas Company

2010.07.01   ProComSol Adds HART® Registration and CE Certification for HART Modem

2010.04.05   ProComSol Adds Support for HART® 7 and WirelessHART® Devices

2009.10.26   ProComSol Adds Support for HART® Field Device Cloning

2009.05.01   ProComSol Releases Extended Range Bluetooth HART® Modem

2008.07.17   ProComSol Releases Low Cost DD Based Hand Held HART® Communicator

2008.02.12   ProComSol Registers HART® USB Modem