ProComSol Supplying 7 PC Based HART® Communicators to Northern Natural Gas Company


LAKEWOOD, Ohio USA – ProComSol, Ltd today announced the sale of 6 DevCom2000 Smart Device Communicator software licenses and 6 HART modems to Northern Natural Gas Company.  This is in addition to the original DevCom2000 system purchased in April 2010. 


DevCom2000 software runs on a PC and provides full DD (Device Description) access to HART instrumentation for configuration and monitoring.  According to Willie Cowart, Senior Engineer at Northern Natural Gas, "Since our engineers need to carry a laptop PC to support our facilities, it makes sense to take advantage of a PC's multi-function capability and use it with DevCom2000 software to configure transmitters and control valves in the field.  This eliminates carrying around an extra piece of equipment for the configuration of field devices.  The DevCom2000 system is also very cost-effective."


Northern Natural Gas purchased Bluetooth HART modems from ProComSol to use with their DevCom2000 software.  Willie Cowart stated, "The Bluetooth HART modems enable a high level of convenience since we can connect the modem to the field device and then go back to a shelter or our vehicle and perform the configuration.  This is especially important in the winter when temperatures drop below freezing." 


About Northern Natural Gas Company:

Northern Natural Gas Company is based in Omaha, NE, and operate an interstate natural gas pipeline system extending from southern Texas to Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  The system includes 15,000 miles of natural gas pipelines and five natural gas storage facilities.


About ProComSol, Ltd:

ProComSol, Ltd was founded in 2005 and has become the leading provider of technically advanced, cost-effective communication solutions to the HART marketplace.  The president, Jeffrey Dobos, has more than a decade of experience developing products with HART technology.  The company designs and manufactures both USB and Bluetooth HART modems, and DevCom2000 communication software that can be used to convert a PC or PDA into a HART Communicator.


ProComSol, Ltd Contact:

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