ProComSol to Participate in Upcoming FieldComm Group Meeting

FieldComm 2018We will be attending our first working group meeting for 2018 with FieldComm Group in Barcelona, July 16-20!

ProComSol has participated in the working group meetings for many years, even before the HCF and FOUNDATION Fieldbus merger that led to the creation of FieldComm Group. Keep reading below to learn more about FieldComm Group, their group meeting, and much more!

About FieldComm Group’s Working Group Meetings

FieldComm Group describes their working group meetings as a way for professionals in the technical and marketing industries to meet and help contribute to the strategic direction of FieldComm Group.

All members are welcome to participate in their working group meetings, which are held three times a year.

Here is what FieldComm Group member Talon Petty has to say about their events:

"FieldComm Group's Technical Working Group meetings provide an opportunity for technical and marketing professionals to meet over multiple days and contribute to the strategic direction of the organization and its technologies. Having members like ProComSol participate helps ensure high-quality, market-relevant products and standards are available in the process automation space. A common goal and open cooperation of these member organizations is critical to the success of industrial standards like HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus and FDI."

More About FieldComm Group and HART Communications

FieldComm Group is a non-profiting member organization that is composed of research organizations, manufacturers, universities, process end users and many others that are all interested in helping move forward and help advance the process industries.

They also own the HART specifications and give members training, development, and provide product registration assistance for the HART communication products.

Who Is ProComSol?

As a leader in manufacturing and designing reliable HART communication products, ProComSol provides competitively priced products to the process control industry to help businesses become more efficient. We believe that our advanced products are the best on the market since they allow our customers to document their operations with ease and connect to their systems on the go through our app.

Turn Your PC and Mobile Devices Into Full-Featured HART Communicators

One of the things that makes us unique among other HART communication product providers is that our apps make HART technology available on your mobile devices. Some of our most popular products include:
  Our modems and smart software options let users make their tablet or smartphones full-featured HART communicators for a much lower rate than a normal handheld device with just as much flexibility and as many features. It’s now even easier to try, so we encourage you to check it out. Head over to our read more page for details.

More Recent Updates From ProComSol

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