How to Turn Your Smartphone into a HART-Enabled Process Calibration Tool

ProComSol has remained an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of advanced HART communication products for process control year after year. Through the use of our reliable solutions, businesses of all sizes are able to connect, configure, and document their vital operations.

With our CalCheck feature, we have made it possible to turn your smartphone into a HART documenting calibration tool at just a fraction of the cost of purchasing a documenting calibrator on its own. You can now use less expensive calibrators for the reference source and use DevCom to document the device calibration and perform Trims if necessary using HART.

Continue reading to learn how to turn your smartphone into a HART-enabled process calibration tool.

Our HART Process Calibrator Options

Turning your smartphone into a HART process calibration tool has never been easier. With the Smart Communicator Software and HART modem we offer at ProComSol, you are now able to convert your smartphone device into a full-featured HART communicator with calibration functions at a much more affordable price.

From Windows to iOS to Android, we can provide everything you need for HART communicators. The conversion process is simple: start by choosing a HART modem that is suited to your device and then select the necessary HART application software for your needs.  

HART Process Calibration Tools from ProComSol

We are dedicated to providing reliable, advanced products for process control instrumentation to a number of different industries. Some of the products we offer for connecting, configuring, and documenting essential operations include:

For a complete look at all of the products we provide and individual specifications on each, take a look at our catalog.

HART Process Calibrators for Any Industry

At ProComSol, we have had the opportunity to work with a broad range of diverse industries, providing essential HART communication solutions. Some of the key industries we’ve had experiencing in serving include:

If your business is looking to streamline operations, ProComSol provides the devices, accessories, and software to do all of that and more. Find out which of our HART calibrator equipment is best suited for your industry.

Benefits of Process Control Instrumentation from ProComSol

The process control instrumentation equipment from ProComSol is equipped for versatility and reliability along with many additional advantages. Added benefits of working with our team at ProComSol include:

Access to products that are proven to be approximately 75% more cost effective than our competitors
Unparalleled customer service and support
Products backed by a 1-year warranty
Same-day shipping on majority of our orders
HART communication software that is easily utilized and managed on tablet, desktop, or mobile
Only company that offers app technology for DD-based HART communicators

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If you’re in need of reliable, cost-effective process control instrumentation solutions for your business operations, choose ProComSol. Our team is committed to delivering the highest-quality products available and finding the best-fit solution for your application needs.

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