COM-TABLET-AN-C1D1 HART Communicator Kit

Complete kit for a full-featured handheld HART communicator for Class 1, Division 1 hazardous areas. Includes the Android tablet, HART modem, and DevComDroid app. All components installed and ready to go.

$5,350.00 (USD)

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About Our COM-TABLET-AN-C1D1 HART Communicator Kits

Choosing our COM-TABLET-AN C1D1 HART communicator kit for Class 1, Division 1 hazardous areas can give your business a range of vital benefits. This hazardous-area HART communicator kit combines all components needed for an intrinsically safe, cost-effective HART handheld communicator for Class 1, Division 1.

Included with these hazardous-area HART communicator kits:


Why to Choose the COM-TABLET-AN-C1D1 HART Communicator for Your Hazardous Area Requirements

One key reason to opt for ProComSol’s hazardous-area HART communicator kits is because our equipment is high quality, economical, and comes in a rugged enclosure to ensure its viability. Additionally, our hazardous-area HART communicator kits come equipped with our premier DevComDroid software.

These COM-TABLET-AN-C1D1 hazardous-area HART communicator kits have been crafted to work within Class 1, Division 1 hazardous areas, giving your company the benefit of knowing that your equipment is rugged enough to withstand harsh conditions and continue to operate functionally and efficiently.

And when your business acquires one of our COM-TABLET-AN-C1D1 HART communicator kits, you’ll receive a product with all components installed, set up, and ready to go.


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