COM-TABLET-C1D2 – Hazardous-Area HART Communicator Kit

The COM-TABLET-C1D2 is a full-featured HART communicator kit designed for class 1, division 2 hazardous areas. This HART communicator kit includes a Windows tablet, HART modem, and DevCom2000 software, which allows you to turn the device into a hazardous-area handheld HART communicator. Plus, all components arrive installed and ready to go.

$5,200.00 (USD)

Data Sheet
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Included with Our Hazardous-Area Handheld HART Communicator Kit

The COM-TABLET-C1D2 HART communicator kit offers a wide variety of great features, including a rugged case and a one-year warranty. Check out everything included in our HART communicator kit for class 1, division 2 areas:

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What You Need to Know About Our HART Communicator Kit for Class 1, Division 2 Areas

In the COM-TABLET-C1D2 HART communicator kit, we’ve combined all the components your need for an intrinsically safe and cost-effective hazardous-area handheld HART communicator.

Within the HART Communicator kit, we’ve included a tablet equipped with our DevCom2000 Smart Device Communicator software, which allows you to turn any handheld device into a HART communicator, perfect for class 1, division 2 areas.

This eliminates the need for separate devices, and with the rugged tablet design, it’s perfect for use in the field.

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