MOBI-COM-FF:PC-Based FF Communicator

Price: $3,400.00 (USD)

FF Smart Communicator PC. Includes DevComFF software and the MOBI-FF Intrinsically safe modem.

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MOBI-FF, mobiLink Modem for FF and HART

Price: $2,600.00 (USD)

Increase safety and productivity with wireless advantages. Safe for hazardous areas.

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MOBI-PWR-FF, mobiLink Power Modem for FF and HART

Price: $2,600.00 (USD)

Power and communicate with your HART and FF devices. For use with Windows software.

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ProComSol’s Foundation Fieldbus Modems

Reliable and Cost-Efficient FF Modems from ProComSol

Foundation Fieldbus modems from ProComSol can be connected to your PC and HART instruments to allow for easy configuration and monitoring. Our FF modems can access hard-to-reach FF or HART devices from the ground, therefore increasing productivity and safety.

Additional features of our Foundation Fieldbus instrument modems include:

  • Safe to use in hazardous areas
  • Supports both FF and HART protocols
  • Equipped with a Bluetooth and USB interface
  • Instrument configuration is easy on a PC or mobile device (HART)
  • Can access hard to reach instrumentation
  • Dependable wireless communication up to 45 ft
  • Built-in internal antenna
  • FF modems are backed by our 1-year warranty

Additionally, our Foundation Fieldbus modems have no bulky modules or wires and will create less clutter on your operator’s desk or workbench.

We Provide Foundation Fieldbus Instruments and More

As a leading provider of process control instrumentation products, we offer a variety of products that make operations easy. In addition to our Foundation Fieldbus instrument modems, we also offer the following reliable products:

  • Android Hart Communication Products
  • HART Communicator for Windows Online Store
  • HART Modems
  • HART Software and Apps
  • Multi Fieldbus Modems
  • Profibus PA Modems

To learn more about our Foundation Fieldbus modems and HART products, browse our full product catalog.

Contacts Us for FF Modems and HART Protocol Products

ProComSol was founded in 2005 to provide customers with reliable and cost-efficient products for the process control industry. Currently, we are a leading manufacturer and provider of Foundation Fieldbus and HART communication products.

If you are in need of a Foundation Fieldbus modem for the process control market, contact the team at ProComSol today. We look forward to working with you.