MOBI-PA, mobiLink Modem for Profibus and HART Applications

Price: $2,475.00 (USD)

Increase safety and productivity with wireless advantages. Safe for hazardous areas.

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MOBI-PWR-PA, mobiLink Power Modem for Profibus PA and HART Applications

Price: $2,475.00 (USD)

Power and communicate with your HART and Profibus PA devices. For use with Windows software.

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Profibus Instruments


Reliable Profibus Instrument Modems from ProComSol


Profibus modems from ProComSol allow for effective configuration and monitoring from a Windows device. Mobile support for HART included. This Profibus instrument can safely access hard-to-reach Profibus PA modems or HART devices from the ground, making it ideal for hazardous areas.


Benefits of the Profibus Modems


The mobiLink modems for Profibus PA and HART are compact, battery-powered, and improves plant personnel safety. Other benefits of Profibus modems from ProComSol include:


  • Guaranteed to work with Windows 7 through 10. Supports HART for iOS (Apple) and Android. Profibus mobile support is in development 
  • Creates less clutter on your operator’s desk or workbench 
  • Equipped with a built-in internal antenna 
  • Contains an integrated loop for a hanging strap attachment 
  • Reliable wireless communication up to 45 feet

Additionally, the Profibus instrument modems are covered by our 1-year warranty and can easily be paired with DevComDroid and DevCom.iOS Smart Device Communicator Apps (for HART).


ProComSol Provides Profibus Instrument Modems and More



In addition to providing reliable Profibus PA modems, we offer a variety of other products that make process control operations a breeze. Other products we offer include:


When these products are connected to the cloud, HART device configuration data is available to the people who need it, when they need it. This flexibility is extremely valuable and helpful for maintaining plant operations.


Contact Us for Profibus PA Modems


If you are searching for reliable and cost-efficient Profibus modems for the process control market, contact ProComSol today. We are ready to work with you.